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As a result of globalization in the economy and trade every country has had to face great demands in all branches of production. Mexico, as one of the countries with the most international treaties, has had to diversify and modernize to meet these demands. Within the branches of engineering and design these circumstances have demanded quick and efficient changes in the development of technology, service and training, to allow the enterprises to be competitive in quality and cost, as well as in national and international markets.

AEDEJAL is the enterprise that supply with mechanical engineering services to those markets. We develop ours project with a global vision, but taking consideration of customer economy as well as internal process.

AEDEJAL’s resources are 100% from Mexico (technical & economic). We have the opportunity to offer you low cost to allow your company important savings in its processes of design, development, implementation and maintenance of your existing engineering product (2D & 3D).

Our mission

AEDEJAL provides services of mechanical design and engineering with the highest quality, finding the most adequate human and technological resources which guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.

Our vision

AEDEJAL contributes actively in the processes of adaption, improvement and expansion of our clients within highest world-class technical quality.






AEDEJAL is a network of Mexican technicians and engineers trained in different fields of the industry and certified by international engineering organizations as American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).Our group of technicians and engineers has more than 10 years of experience, which allows us to offer reliable solutions of design, engineering, inspection and training.

In addition, the knowledge and use of continuous improvement tools such like Six sigma (DMAIC and DFSS), lean manufacturing, ISO-9000/AS9100, which are integral part of design process.

AEDEJAL offers an important advantage within the productive branch of gas turbines (aviation & non-aviation market) due to AEDEJAL counts with various members of the first generation of qualified Mexican technicians and engineers, with experience